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Ohio University

Play: Samuel Beckett

Dir: Andrew Manley

Set: Michael Slane

Light: Joyce Liao 

Costume; Holly Cole

Sound: John Salutz

Photo: Bob  WInters

Circus Becket-1-PICT0057
Circus Becket-3-PICT0011
Circus Becket-2-PICT0005
Circus Becket-5-PICT0080
Circus Becket-4-SWINGER
Circus Becket-8-PICT0027
Circus Becket-9-PICT0021
Circus Becket-7-PICT0018
Circus Becket-6-PICT0010--1
Circus Becket-13-PICT0053-1
Circus Becket-12-PICT0047
Circus Becket-14-PICT0016
Circus Becket-10-PICT0040
Circus Becket-11-PICT0045 copy
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